Maternal Mental Health

While bringing a new life into the world most times brings joy and excitement, it can also come with it's challenges.  As new mothers, so many things can come in to play from adjusting to role transitions, post partum mood disorders, the need to "know everything" right away, and even changes in your romantic partnership and expectations in parenting together can bring up challenges that you weren't expecting.  The truth of the matter is, 1 in 5 women will experience a maternal mental health disorder such as postpartum depression.  This service provides support, psycho-education, and self-care to mothers finding themselves feeling alone, lost, and possible guilt about emotions they may be experiencing.

Post-Partum Depression: Symptoms of post-partum depression can include feeling irritable or angry, crying and sadness, lack of interest in the baby, feelings of guilt, shame or hopelessness, appetite or sleep disturbance, loss of interest, joy or pleasure in things you used to enjoy, and/or possible thoughts of harming yourself or the baby.

Post-Partum Anxiety: Symptoms of post-partum anxiety include constant worry, inability to sit still, fear that something bad is going to happen and racing thoughts.

Post-Partum OCD:  Symptoms of post-partum OCD include: fear of being left alone with baby, a sense of horror about obsessions, repetitive thoughts or mental images related to the baby, intrusive or persistent thoughts, doing things over and over to reduce fears or obsessions.