Individual Therapy


We provide individual psychotherapy for women who may be seeking counseling to resolve distress from specific events.  Individuals may be experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, or may just be looking for a safe space to release stresses of day to day life.  These services can be short term and solution focused and can also be long term to help explore past experiences and their connection to current behaviors and relationships.  Whatever may be your need for therapy we are here for you!​

Emerging Adulthood

Life's transitions can be tough for anyone, especially for those in the age range of emerging adulthood.  This age group typically runs between ages 18 and 25.  During this time in one's life, there are multiple transitions such as leaving home, college, transitioning to more responsibilities and full time jobs/careers.  Managing expectations, role transitions, and even grieving the changes of goals and/or life expectations and accepting life's realities can be overwhelming and anxiety provoking.  We can help you challenge thought patterns that may be contributing to depression and anxiety, help with interpersonal relationships that could be contributing to distress, and help you manage role transitions and expectations by learning healthy coping strategies to help!

Restoring Adult Mother-Daughter Relationships

Although mother/daughter relationships can be dynamic, sometimes there are factors that may cause strain.  Whether it's different parenting styles (adult daughter feeling pressure to mother like her mother and grandmother before her) that may cause tension, past traumas that have yet to be resolved, or having difficulty transitioning from the authoritarian parent/daughter relationship to now a mother/adult daughter "friendship" we can help bridge the gap.