NICU/Preemie Family Support

Having a child in the NICU is an unique experience. As a mother, you are usually experiencing your own traumatic birthing experience but you are also experiencing a range of emotions such as fear, anxiety/worry, sadness that you are leaving your baby at the hospital, gratitude that your baby is stable, or heartbreak for the opposite. You are at home without your baby but still waking up every 2 hours to pump so that you can provide the "liquid gold" that you are told is one of the most important things that your baby needs at the moment. You may feel empowered that you are able to provide such an important substance or you may feel defeated if you are struggling to provide a substantial supply. If you or anyone you know has gone through or is going through a NICU experience, we are here to provide empathic support, learn tools to help manage anxiety, and to create a safe environment to process all of the feelings that are experienced during and AFTER this experience.